Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plumbing the Taxonomy: Why? Part A - Business Enablement

Welcome to the second dimension of the taxonomy! And this value is the most basic of reasons for running something on a computer, mainframe or not: to do the work of the business that's paying for it!

To be more specific, this is about the applications that provide specific business deliverables that drive revenue, handle accounting, manage products, and basically act as the core competence of the business that's paying for IT.

This is why computers were invented in the first place: to enable organizations to perform their core business activities in a faster, more reliable, automated manner.

Everything else in the taxonomy (with the possible exception of the last value in this dimension) serves the business indirectly, but this value is what it's all about. Therefore, anything that calls itself an "application" probably includes this value of this dimension.

But - and here's the interesting thing - this is only one of several values in this dimension, so there are other business reasons for computing than just performing core competence processing!

However, if you don't have this one, you definitely have a problem with your IT.

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