Sunday, February 3, 2013

Plumbing the Taxonomy: Why? Part F - New Business Value

How appropriate for the first post of the new year: the final value on the "Why" dimension is about new business value.

The fact is, if the mainframe really is the most leading-edge business computer out there, then it must be able to take on some seriously leading-edge new business computing.

This is important for many reasons, including that it's one of the best ways to optimize the value and culture you already have in your mainframe environment. As I identify more thoroughly in a white paper which has been sponsored by Terma Software Labs (click here to download a copy), one way to move your mainframe context forward is by empowering a new generation to become ambassadors between your mainframe culture and the other cultures affected by your mainframe. Another key way is through undertaking new technical initiatives such as installing new generation management and analytics software.

Add to this using the mainframe for brand new business activities, and you have the essence of this final "Why" value.

Now, speaking of new value, I'm also making the decision to remove the monetizing advertisements from this blog.

As the folks on one of my favourite TV shows point out, failure is always an option. In this case, not only have I not found that the ads generate any significant revenue, but more importantly I'm increasingly unhappy with the nature of the ads, and I don't feel they represent the quality that this blog and company are about. This blog is intended to bring value to people whom I respect, and I don't feel like I'm being very respectful by forcing you to see these ads. So, I'm calling the ads a failure and moving on without them.